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All Full Spectrum Hemp CBD products are formulated, manufactured and tested in-house at our FDA-registered, cGMP certified facility in Carson City, Nevada. Because eliminating the use of third parties means having full control over every stage of the supply chain.

Our team of PhD scientists are the brains behind our brand – ensuring safe, pesticide and contaminant-free supplements, gummies, oils and creams for your everyday wellness needs.

Our Best Sellers

“We’ve set out to formulate the best CBD products on the market. CBD is a finite resource, so the success of our research translates into increasing biological absorption per units consumed. Put simply, our customers get more for what they pay for.”

Jason Hastings Ph.D., Director of Science and Manufacturing

“We are always looking for ways to enhance the way our customers enjoy CBD. Right now, the majority of our research efforts are going towards improving our water-soluble products, which have the highest bioavailability of all CBD products currently on the market.”

Kevin Schmidt, Ph.D., Director of Research and Development